Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Permanent Shadow Painting

This work consists in painting the outline of shadows created by the streetlights and fixed objects. This have been done in numerous cities around the world mostly in chalk or in washable paint, giving to this work a temporary quality to play as a contrasting point of the permanence of the shadow.

This outlines would be abstract drawings during the day but at night when the street lights turn on this objects will cast a shadow again inside this out lines showing the existence of the shadows in the sidewalk, which usually go by unnoticed, giving a different perspective and interest to the sidewalk we walk on, when walkabouts find something in their every day path that's been always there, but only as a consequence of combinations of usually practical elements such as artificial lights and parking regulations signs that by a simple white outline they become an active part of the urban landscape .

Street lights are also not always the same tint what ads as well the existence of color to this painting for example if in a corner there is a blue tinted light and further a peach tinted one, being a shadow the complementary color the light source, the white in each light will subtract the black on the shadow and the color will add to the existing color creating this way very bright orange and green shadows which highlighted by the white outline gives one more touch of surprise to the piece.

The location of all this fix objects makes the possibilities of shadows casting the same composition in two places almost impossible.

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